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It is expected that the COVID-19 epidemic will not end until the second half of 2021 after the vaccine is available

According to a survey of 221 executives and investors in the medical industry released by Lazard on Thursday, effective vaccine supply is the most concern of 71% of respondents.

61% of respondents believe that the most important factor in achieving the “new normal” after the outbreak is the availability of effective vaccines that are widely available.

Nearly three-quarters of people said that vaccines will not be widely available until the second half of 2021.

In a statement attached to the report, David Gluckman, global head of Lazard’s healthcare group, stated that medical industry leaders “have a clear understanding of how long it may take to develop a widely available effective vaccine to control the epidemic, and they expect this situation to be It will not be realized until a long time in 2021, if not later."

Nearly two-thirds of medical industry executives expect that the new crown epidemic will continue until the second half of 2021 or longer, as hopes for vaccine development become increasingly slim this year.