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China's 10,000-ton-class "oil aircraft carrier" comes out!

According to reports, the hull completed this time has a dead weight of about 33,000 tons, is 91.5 meters long, 91.5 meters wide, and 59 meters high. The deck area is equivalent to the size of two football fields; it is composed of a "back" shaped bottom pontoon and 4 columns. The maximum displacement is 110,000 tons, which is equivalent to three medium-sized aircraft carriers and can withstand severe sea conditions once in a century in the South China Sea. The total length of the welding seam of the hull engineering is as high as 600,000 meters, which can circle the Beijing Sixth Ring 3 times; the cable length exceeds 800 kilometers, which can circle Hainan Island.

You Xuegang, general manager of Lingshui 17-2 project, said that the hull is an important part of the world’s first 10,000-ton semi-submersible oil storage platform. After the platform is completed and put into production, it will serve China’s first 1,500-meter deep-water self-operated large gas field. ——The Lingshui 17-2 gas field development project will also become the semi-submersible production platform with the largest application depth in China.

"During the construction process, CNOOC divided the hull into 82 sections for simultaneous design and construction. During the peak period, nearly 100 design engineers were mobilized to complete 200,000 structural parts and tens of thousands of hull structures within 5 months. For the modeling and drawing of the hole, about 4,000 construction and management personnel were invested during the peak construction period." You Xuegang introduced.

Yu Changsheng, general manager of the Lingshui 17-2 general contracting project of COOEC, said: “We have carried out the construction of the production platform of the Lingshui 17-2 gas field with the high-quality control standard of '30 years without back-to-docking for overhaul.' , Precision control and other requirements are very strict, the minimum design fatigue life requirement is 150 years, which is also very rare in the world. Internationally, the construction period of the same tonnage semi-submersible platform is basically more than 20 months, and the Lingshui 17-2 project The actual construction period was less than 17 months, which greatly increased the difficulty of project construction."

According to him, in order to ensure the smooth completion of the hull construction, the project team has invested a lot of manpower and also built a five-level grid organization through closed, strong matrix, refined management and PCMS (Engineering Project Construction Management System) The application of information tools such as personnel positioning system and visual engineering project management system has significantly improved the efficiency of organization and construction.

Facing the ultra-high-precision requirements in hull construction, the Lingshui 17-2 project team established a professional precision control team to carry out systematic and full-process precision control. Through software simulation, first-class welders, and strict control of welding shrinkage, the adjacent master The auxiliary POST (hull and block connection point) has a tolerance of 6 mm, and the main POST, the main and auxiliary POST diagonals have a tolerance of 13 mm. The hull assembly accuracy has reached the world's advanced level.

With the close cooperation of all parties, the project team has overcome severe challenges such as the new crown pneumonia epidemic and continued strong convective typhoon weather. It has successfully overcome more than 10 industry problems such as large-scale confined space operation, weight control, high-precision assembly and loading, and innovated floating cranes. In the “simultaneous operation of land and sea” mode with crawler cranes, the capping of the hull structure was completed 16 days in advance, ensuring the smooth completion of the hull.

It is understood that the Lingshui 17-2 gas field was drilled by CNOOC in the western waters of the South China Sea in 2014. It is 150 kilometers away from Hainan Island. It has proven geological reserves of over 100 billion cubic meters and the water depth of the sea area is about 1,500 meters.

The gas field will adopt the development model of "semi-submersible production platform + underwater production system". Its production facilities include a set of the world's first deep-water 10,000-ton oil storage semi-submersible production platform and a complete set of underwater production systems with a water depth of 1,500 meters.

The gas field is expected to be put into production in 2021, which can provide a steady supply of 3 billion cubic meters of gas to Guangdong, Hong Kong, Qiong and other places each year, which can meet a quarter of the residential gas demand in the Greater Bay Area.

On September 28, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "CNOOC") announced that the world's first 10,000-ton semi-oil platform submersible storage hull built by my country has been completed at the CNOOC Qingdao site. Its successful construction marks a new level of China's deep-water offshore engineering equipment construction level.