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Well Hutan 1, the deepest well in the Junggar Basin, Xinjiang was born

Well Hutan 1 is located in Hutubi County, Xinjiang, with a design depth of 7280 meters. It is a key risk exploration well for China National Petroleum Corporation. It was later deepened to 7750 meters due to exploration needs. At 19:00 on September 26, as the drill bit was fixed at 7,601 meters in Well Hutan 1, the deepest well in the Junggar Basin of Xinjiang was born.

On May 15, 2019, Well Hutan 1 officially started drilling. In accordance with the requirements of standardization and factoryization, Xinjiang Oilfield South Fringe Project Department, Western Drilling South Fringe Project Expert Group, Zhundong Drilling Company, Engineering Technology Research Institute, and Geology The research institute, drilling fluid branch and other units work together to give full play to their professional and technical advantages, overcome numerous technical difficulties, overcome difficulties, complete difficulties such as complex quality conditions, lack of reference materials for adjacent wells, and adhere to integrated development, scientific drilling and coordination Combat superiority, and strive to make Hutan 1 well a model project and a high-quality well.

The southern margin of the Junggar Basin is vast, with deep oil and gas resources and complex geological structures. Oil and gas exploration is regarded as a world-class problem. During the drilling and construction process of Hutan 1 Well, domestic technology was used for oil-resistant screw, oil-based drilling fluid plugging technology, and large-hole glutenite drilling technology. At the same time, domestic drilling equipment was used for drilling construction tasks.

In September, the autumn is high and fresh. On the occasion of the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, the key risk exploratory well of China National Petroleum Corporation Hutan 1, which was drilled by PetroChina Western Drilling Company Zhundong Drilling Company, was safely and steadily drilled to 7,601 meters and completed drilling 12 years ago. The drilled Moshen 1 Well has a depth of 7,500 meters, making it the deepest well in the Junggar Basin in Xinjiang.