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CNPC Baikouquan Oil Production Plant's annual output of oil and gas exceeds 2 million tons

The Baikouquan Oil Production Plant is the first million-ton oil production plant built after the reform and opening up of New China. For more than 40 years, the plant has successively developed and managed six oilfields in Xinjiang oilfields, including Baikouquan, Mabei, and Aihu. During the period, the output of the oilfields declined several times. In 2018, it entered the ranks of million-ton oil production plants for the fourth time. The oil and gas equivalent is only 1.08 million tons. However, in just two years thereafter, the oil and gas equivalent of the plant exceeded 2 million tons, becoming the oil production plant with the largest increase in output in Xinjiang oilfields in recent years.

According to reports, the crude oil production of the Baikouquan Oil Production Plant has achieved a major breakthrough within two years. The first is to stabilize the Baikouquan old area, carry out accurate and efficient mining of different types of oil reservoirs, and achieve hard and stable production in the Baikouquan old area. In addition, with the discovery of the 1 billion-ton Mahu oil field, the Baikouquan Oil Production Plant, which is dominated by the Mahu oil area, organized multiple rounds of production competitions, and took the lead in making breakthroughs in the Ma 18 well area and quickly proceeded with rolling exploration. Discovery transforms into reserves and production capacity, and promotes oil and gas production, production growth, and production capacity construction to a new level.

The Mahu Oilfield is a 1 billion-ton conglomerate oilfield discovered by Xinjiang Oilfield Company in the central area of the Mahu Sag in the Junggar Basin in northern Xinjiang after years of exploration and research. It is currently an important oil reserve and production successor area in China. This year alone, the annual new production capacity and annual oil production of the Mahu Oil Region will both exceed 2 million tons, reaching 2.014 million tons and 2.22 million tons respectively, an increase of 54.1% and 38.6% over 2019.

The exploration and development pace of the Mahu Oilfield will be further accelerated. During the planning period, a new production capacity of 10 million tons is planned. In 2025, the annual output of the Mahu Oilfield will reach 5 million tons and stable production for 10 years, according to the Xinjiang Oilfield Company's plan.

It is reported that as the main force of PetroChina Xinjiang oil and gas equivalent 50 million tons production project, Xinjiang Oilfield Company has achieved great oilfield development in recent years by relying on technological innovation, improving quality and efficiency, increasing reserves and production, and this year's crude oil output will exceed 13.2 million tons. According to the plan, Xinjiang Oilfield Company is expected to produce 15.8 million tons of crude oil in 2025, with an oil and gas equivalent of 18 million tons, and strive to exceed 20 million tons to ensure the country's energy supply.

As of the end of November 2020, the annual oil and gas equivalent of the Baikouquan Oil Production Plant of PetroChina Xinjiang Oilfield Company exceeded 2 million tons, making it the first to rank among the 2 million tons of oil production plants in Xinjiang Oilfield.