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The Total Export Volume of Fujian LNG Natural Gas Exceeded 60 Billion m³!

According to estimates, 60 billion cubic meters of natural gas is equivalent to the gas consumption of more than 10 million households in Fujian Province for 33 years. It can replace about 74 million tons of coal and reduce 81 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The green environmental protection benefits are remarkable.
As a national key energy project, Fujian LNG currently has six 160,000-square-meter storage tanks and 372 kilometers of pipelines. It is also connected to the third west pipeline of the national pipeline network and undertakes more than 70% of the natural gas supply task in Fujian Province.
The completion and operation of the Fujian LNG station line project has rewritten the history of no large-scale use of natural gas in Fujian Province, effectively alleviated the situation of "lack of oil and gas" in Fujian, and optimized the energy structure of Fujian Province. Since it was put into operation in 2008, Fujian LNG has transported natural gas to gas-fired power plants and urban gas pipeline networks through pipelines, and transported it to gasification stations in remote areas by tank trucks. Up to now, it has exported 60 billion cubic meters of natural gas, providing continuous transportation for the Haixi region. Clean energy has guaranteed the safe and stable gas consumption of more than 40 million people in the region.
Fujian LNG Receiving Station takes Tanggu, Indonesia as its main gas source, and also receives LNG resources from 13 countries and regions along the “Belt and Road” such as Yemen, Malaysia, Nigeria, and Qatar. In Xiuyu Port Area, with Fujian LNG as the leader, the most complete LNG industry chain in China has been formed. As of the end of 2022, Fujian LNG has paid a total of 13.85 billion yuan in taxes and fees, making an important contribution to regional economic development.
Since the beginning of summer, extreme weather such as high temperature, typhoon, and heavy rain have occurred frequently in Fujian. As the only gas source supplier of the three gas-fired power plants in Fujian Province, Fujian LNG has raised LNG resources in advance, formulated a plan for ensuring supply during the peak season and a dispatch plan, strengthened daily inspections and maintenance, and hidden danger investigation and management, and improved internal linkage and industrial chain coordination. Maintain stable high-voltage external transmission.
In the next step, Fujian LNG will start construction of a new 270,000-square-meter LNG storage tank within this year to improve infrastructure capabilities and contribute greater value to ensuring energy security in Fujian Province and surrounding areas and achieving the goal of "double carbon".
On August 25, Fujian LNG receiving station exported more than 60 billion cubic meters of natural gas, providing Fujian Province with a stable supply of clean energy and a strong guarantee for regional economic development and ecological environment protection.