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Sinopec Won the Bid for Saudi Aramco Geothermal Exploration Well Drilling Rig Project

Recently, the Saudi Arabian branch of the International Petroleum Engineering Company won the bid for five geothermal exploration well drilling rig projects, marking the successful entry of Sinopec's oil service business into the Saudi new energy service field.
In recent years, Saudi Arabia has attached increasing importance to the development and utilization of new energy, gradually increasing investment and including geothermal resources in its development plan. After receiving the bid invitation letter from Saudi Aramco for the geothermal exploration drilling rig project, the Saudi Arabian branch of State owned Industrial and Commercial Corporation of China organized various relevant units to conduct in-depth research on bidding requirements, assess the psychological expectations of owners, comprehensively analyze competitors, accurately calculate various costs, coordinate and optimize relocation cycles, and develop bidding strategies that are in line with market conditions. With the excellent construction performance of the Sinopec team, Winning the contract for all geothermal exploration well drilling rigs.