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Full Opening Safety Valve (FOSV)

The full opening safety valve, also called TIW valves, is a crucial component in the drilling industry, designed to protect personnel, equipment and the environment during high-pressure drilling operations. It rapidly releases excess fluid or gas to prevent dangerous pressure build-up, mitigating the risk of well control events.
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  • Full opening safety valve (FOSV), knows as TIW valves, is a hand control valve in drill string circulating system, and it is one of the effective tools to prevent blowout. In the drilling operation, in order to avoid malignant accidents, full opening safety valve shall be connected between drill pipes in drilling process. The special wrench of full opening safety valve may rotate 90 °according instruction to switch on and off. In well repair operation, whether need to lift the drill pipe or not, it is best to install opening safety valve as prevention.
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