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Special Six Fixed Blade Stabilizer

The special six fixed blade stabilizer is an upgraded product of the conventional spiral stabilizer, which makes up for the shortcomings of the conventional spiral blades. Optimized design and innovations can improve drilling performance, make tripping easier, and reduce the risk of downhole accidents.
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  • Features:

    • An enhanced hydrodynamic shape;
    • Six blade designed for full contact with well;
    • For hole 6in,8 1/2in,12 1/4in,16in;
    • Low friction blades, high abrasion resistance carbide; 


    • Reducing torque and drag and torsional vibration;
    • Reduce backreaming;
    • Reduce clay balling;
    • Eliminate requirement for wiper trips;
    • Improve BHA stabilization;
    • Increasing overall drilling efficiency;
    • Smooth torque while drilling;


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