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Spherical Roller Bearing

Spherical roller bearing consists of a outer ring with a spherical raceway, a double raceway inner ring, one or two cages and a group of spherical rollers. Since the center of the spherical raceway of the outer ring is the same as the bearing center, it can automatically adjust the inclination or deflection of the shaft.
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  • Spherical roller bearing is divided into cylindrical inner hole and conical inner hole.
    The taper of the inner cone hole is:
    1. Spherical roller bearing with scale of 1:12 and post code K;
    2. Spherical roller bearing with scale of 1:30 and post code of K30;
    The inner hole is a bearing with tapered hole, which can be directly installed on the tapered shaft. When the bearing is matched with the tapered shaft, the inner ring moves along the axial direction to adjust the radial clearance of the bearing; or it can be installed on the cylindrical shaft with a tightening sleeve or a disassembly sleeve.
    According to whether the inner ring has flange or not and the difference of cage used, spherical roller bearing can be divided into C type and CA type. The inner ring of C-type bearing has no flange, and the cage is pressed with steel plate. Both sides of the inner ring of CA type bearing are provided with ribs, and the lathe processed cage is adopted. For convenient and easy lubrication, spherical roller bearings can be equipped with lubrication holes and grooves. Spherical roller bearing can bear large radial load and bidirectional axial load. It is especially suitable for bearing heavy load or shock vibration load. However, the allowable working speed of spherical roller bearing is relatively low.
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