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Thrust Roller Bearing

Thrust roller bearing belongs to separated type bearing, which is easy to install and disassemble. The rigidity of the bearing is large, and the occupied space is small. It can bear large axial load and a certain amount of impact load, but the allowable speed of the structure bearing is relatively low.
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  • According to the structure, the thrust roller bearing is divided into:
    1. thrust cylindrical roller bearing;
    2. thrust tapered roller bearing;
    3. thrust spherical roller bearing;
    4. thrust needle bearing;

    ① Thrust cylindrical roller bearing

    According to the different number of roller groups, the bearing is divided into single row cylindrical roller bearing and double row cylindrical roller bearing. Single row cylindrical roller bearing can bear single direction axial load and limit one direction axial displacement, double row cylindrical roller bearing can bear two-way axial load and limit two directions axial displacement.

    ② Thrust tapered roller bearing

    The inner and outer raceways are tapered, and the rolling body is also tapered roller. The extension lines of the three meet at the same point of the bearing axis line. The motion friction is smaller than other thrust roller bearings.

    ③ Thrust spherical roller bearing

    Because the load action line and axis form a certain angle, this kind of bearing can bear the axial and radial load at the same time, and can be used in the extremely heavy load situation, the allowable speed is also higher, the thrust self-aligning roller bearing has better self-aligning performance, but the allowable angular error decreases with the increase of the actual load applied to the bearing.
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