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Drilling Motors

Orchid Energy drilling motors, also known as mud motors, have established a reputation for performance, reliability and excellent service. We provide a versatile range size and types of motors for directional, horizontal, straight drilling, performance drilling, coil tubing and HDD drilling conditions.
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  • Drilling motors are the key component of bottom hole assembly(BHA), providing efficient and precise drilling operations. These high-performance motors, generate rotational force to drive the drill bit. With advanced technology and superior design, drilling motors offer enhanced torque, speed, and reliability. 
    Drilling motor is a positive displacement motor(PDM). The high drilling fluid enters into the motor converting high fluid power to mechanical energy and the rotor drives the shaft and bit rotating. We can produce drilling motors for hole size from 1 7/8” to 26". We also can design and manufacture according to customers' special requirements.


    1) Bent Housing Motor

    We can provide fixed bend motor, single bend motor, double bend motor and adjustable bend housing motors.(adjustable angle from 0-3°) which can meet different kickoff requirement.

    2) High Temperature Motor

    Drilling motor Temp. range are ≤120℃,120-150℃ and 150-175℃which can meet different well running condition even in very harshest environment.

    3) Hollow Rotor Motor

    To increase hydraulic horsepower and upward speed of mud stream, rotor is manufactured into hollow rotor with nozzles. Thus, motor total flow rate is equal to the sum of the flow rate through seal cavity and rotor.

    4) Even Wall Motor

    Even wall motor not only enhances the impact resistance and deformation resistance of the rubber on the inner surface of the stator housing, but also the rubber will not cause problems such as rubber aging and rubber drop during the vulcanization process, so that the rubber vulcanization effect can be achieved better to ensure the service life of drilling motor. Under the same pressure drop, the size of the motor can be shortened and mud motor kick off rate can be further improved.

    5) Rotor Coating Technology

    Regular chrome coating could be adopted as clients requirement. Also we can do Tungsten carbide coating on rotor surface which can enable the rotor to work normally in saturated saltwater mud and to prevent the corrosion of chrome plated rotor in saturated saltwater.

    Benefits & Features

    • All drilling Motors are equipped with a rotor catch sub;
    • Drilling Motors can be equipped with float top sub or dump sub or special catch sub;
    • Drilling motor can be used in WBM(water based mud)&OBM(oil based mud);
    • Equipped with 0 – 3° Adjustable Housings;
    • Screw on Stabilizer’s available or fixed Stabilizer or blank stabilizer;
    • Stronger bearing mandrel for use with high torque power sections;
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