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Square Kelly and Hexagonal Kelly

Kelly is located on the top of the drill string. During the rotary drilling, it is connected with square bushing and rotary bushing, transfers the ground rotary torque to drill pipe and drives the drill bit, bears the weight of drill string at the same time. We could provide square and hexagonal kelly manufactured according to API 7-1.
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  • Square&hexagonal kelly are two common types of drilling tools used in the oil and gas industry. Both designs offer excellent torque transmission and drilling efficiency. The Square Kelly features a four-sided shape, while the Hexagonal Kelly has six sides, providing increased contact points for improved power transfer. These sturdy and reliable drilling equipment options are utilized to connect the rotary table to the drill string, enabling the rotation of the drill bit for effective and precise drilling operations.
    Orchid Energy Co could provide square kelly and hexagonal kelly which is manufactured strictly according to API Spec7-1 standard. Material from AISI 4145H modified, fully heat treated alloy steel with Brinell hardness range of 285-341 and a minimum Charpy impact of 40 ft-lbs. Kelly bars are ultrasonically inspected over full length and section.
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