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Drill Pipe

The drill pipe is a critical component in the drilling process, playing a pivotal role in oil and gas exploration. It is a high-strength tubular conduit used to transmit drilling fluid and rotational torque from the surface to the drilling bit deep below the Earth's surface.
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  • Designed with durability and reliability in mind, drill pipes offer exceptional resistance to harsh drilling conditions, ensuring seamless operations, maximum efficiency, and optimal performance for successful drilling campaigns. Orchid Energy Co drill pipe are manufactured in according to the requirement of API 5D, API 7-1.


    1. The material element of sulphur and phosphorus are strictly controlled in the pipe body and tool joints during the steel making process, which makes the material with high physical properties.
    2. Heat Treatment must be uniform and deep enough to ensure required physical properties full length, especially in the critical sections of the connection and weld zone.
    3. The drill pipe undergo a full-length inspection especially the inspections on weld neck and upset region.
    4. The thread is the most important factor for drill pipes. All threads would be machined with CNC Lathes and inspected with related thread gauges in conformance with API Specification. All threads would be phosphated or copperized and the roots are cold rolled to improve the resistance of galling during initial break-in and drilling operation. 
    5. We can provide many types of hardbanding including ARNCO 100XT/150XT/300XT350XT ARNCO series, DURABAND and TCS series. We can provide high-end coating services include TC2000, TC2000P and TC2000SS as customer needs.
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