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Slick/Spiral Drill Collar

​​​​​​​Drill collars are vital in oil and gas drilling. Made of strong steel, they provide weight and rigidity to the drill string, reducing bending and vibration. With threaded connections, they integrate seamlessly. Orchid Energy Ltd could supply slick/spiral drill collar and non-magnetic drill collar.
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  • Drill collars transmit drilling energy, ensuring precise and productive drilling. Their functions include weight provision, hole stability, and torque transfer. These durable tools play a crucial role in oil and gas exploration and extraction.
    Orchid Energy Slick/Spiral Drill collar is produced by AISI 4145H modified quenched and tempered steel as API specification and implementation of SY / T5144 standard, which can be cold thread rolling, copper or phosphate processing, machine special double shoulder thread and other specifications.

    Features & Benefits

    1. Pressed steel thread protectors are supplied for drill collar;
    2. Stress relief groove & bore back Box applied if needed;
    3. Hardbanding material ARNCO 100XT,ARNCO 300XT,TCS8000 applied if needed;
    4. Slip and elevator recess are machined in accordance with API7-1;
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