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Non-Magnetic Drill Collar (NMDC)

Non-Magnetic Drill Collar (NMDC) is specialized tools extensively employed in the oil and gas industry to facilitate efficient drilling operations while minimizing magnetic interference. Orchid Energy can provide slick/spiral/flex/pony types of non-magnetic drill collar.
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  • Constructed from low- or non-magnetic alloys, such as stainless steel or non-magnetic steel composites, NMDCs offer a crucial solution to eliminate magnetic fields’ disruptive effects during drilling activities. 
    Orchid Energy Non Magnetic Drill Collar (NMDC) are made from low-carbon stainless steel as API specification and implementation of SY/T5144 standard, which can be cold thread rolling, machine special double shoulder thread and do as other specifications request. Non Magnetic Drill Collar are as a housing for MWD tools and also could provide weight for drill string.
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