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Drilling Stabilizers

Drilling stabilizers are fairly short subs which have blades attached to external surface. By providing support for the BHA (Bottom Hole Assembly) at certain points they can be used to control the trajectory of the well. The blades can be either straight or spiral in shape. Spiral blades can give 360° contact with the borehole.
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  • Sabilizers are essential components of drilling tool that enhance the stability and control of the drilling process. These durable tools, often made of high-strength steel, provide axial support and prevent deviation while drilling through various formations. Stabilizers are available in different designs, including sleeve-type and integral blade stabilizers, to accommodate different drilling conditions. Their strategic placement along the drill string ensures smooth and consistent drilling, minimizing hole deviation and improving overall drilling efficiency. Stabilizers play a crucial role in maintaining wellbore integrity, optimizing weight distribution, and mitigating vibration, resulting in safer and more successful drilling operations.
    Orchid Energy Co can provide string stabilizer and near bit stabilizer, straight integral blade stabilizer(IBS),spiral integral blade stabilizer(IBS), replaceable sleeve stabilizer, non-rotating stabilizer, and non magnetic stabilizers etc. Stabilizers are manufactured from 4145H alloy steel bar or forgings, quenched and tempered to 285-341 Brinell hardness; Hard facing types are HF1000, HF2000, HF3000, HF4000, HF5000. All above products are manufactured according to API Spec 7-1 standard. 

    Options Available

    • straight integral blade stabilizer, spiral integral blade stabilizer, replaceable sleeve stabilizer, non-rotating stabilizer or non magnetic stabilizers;
    • 4145H alloy steel, Non-magnetic steel;
    • String type stabilizer, near bit type stabilizer;
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