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Mud Pump

Drilling pump is also called mud pump which transport high pressure, high specific gravity, high sand concentration drilling fluid to bottom of hole. Drilling fluid is used to cool bit, wash out bottom of hole, break rock and bring out debris. Drilling pump not only is one of the three working machines of drilling rig.
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  • Mud pump is an essential part of drilling rigs in the oil and gas industry. It circulates drilling fluid (mud) during drilling operations. This pump performs three main functions: circulating the mud to remove cuttings, generating pressure to penetrate formations, and mixing chemicals to optimize the mud's properties. Mud pumps use reciprocating mechanisms and are powered by electric or diesel engines. They play a vital role in maintaining efficient and safe drilling processes.

    Main Features

    • Products have been verified by API Q1 Quality System, comply with API Spec 7K and all the parts can be traced back;
    • Strong self-suction ability. No need to use feed pump in normal case;
    • Reasonable structure. Operating steadily and reliably;
    • Valve pot, crankshaft, herringbone gear and other important parts are manufactured by high quality alloy steel. Herringbone gears adopt grinding process, which make the precision of gears higher;
    • Parts have high standardization degree, strong interchangeability, and fewer types of spare parts;
    • Advanced inspecting methods: three-coordinates measuring machine etc.;
    • Good low temperature-resistant performance. It will be in normal use below 45 degree;
    • Good anti corrosion performance. Available to use in high salinity coastal and marine environment;
    • Application of drilling pump remote information system can monitor and control remotely the running state of equipments on site in real time and reflect the working state of drilling pump completely, and realize the intercommunication among the equipment, control center and personnel, so as to make technical personnel and management personnel in any place can get date of every monitoring point, and respond in a timely manner;
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